About The Artist -- Lisa Winner
Lisa studied art at the Maryland Institute of Art and later was taught Religious Iconography by Peter Peterson while living in Baltimore, Maryland. While she enjoyed the process of writing ICONs and the beauty of how the process made the sacred image leap from the board, she found that the process could be used in other forms of art and painting.  

Inspired by places visited she began the process of  inserting angels in those places as she imagines they would be. The process has been growing over the years and changes from time to time. She enjoys painting on the solid oak panels due to how the paint glides over the heavily gessoe surface but has recently turned to using art boards and canvas.  

While she stills writes Religious ICONS on consignment for anyone who desires a sacred image, her personal art takes on a more whimsical approach to life. Recently she has begun to experiment with the more serious side of life and those pieces are yet to come.  

You can contact Lisa by Email: LizaWinner@aol.com